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This page is designed for people who either believe or know they have been exposed to high levels of toxins in their food or environment. The following information is by no means comprehensive, and I encourage each individual to consult with their knowledgeable healthcare practitioner or other trusted expert in the areas of toxin testing and remediation.

The following information is based upon my last seven years of research in the areas of detoxification and heavy metal exposure.  Please refer to the resources in my book–Seven Circles >> for further information.

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity:

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Testing for Heavy Metals:

Doctors Data Urine Heavy Metal Testing >>


Toxin Remediation:

Orea >>

Read more about my experience with Orea in Seven Circles ebook >>, including case studies.

Publications Relating to Toxins in Food:

Technical Publication 091115 >>

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Q:  What is the nature of the toxic metals testing program you have undertaken?

A:   I have been asked by a number of people concerned with their health and diet to re-establish a program of toxic heavy metals testing that was implemented with Dr. Michael Rosenbaum in 2013-2015.  This program was established with the Special Projects Division of Doctors Data, and involved a provoked six-hour urine sample.  Because the nature of the testing was research-related (not medically-based) there was no need for a consult, Dx or related activities and costs associated with routine medical toxic metals urine testing.  I have worked with Dr. Dean Bass at Doctors Data on this program, and he has indicated a willingness to re-establish our working relationship with selected medical professionals (who are required to be associated with the research account).

Q:  How does a typical testing, analysis and follow-up cycle work?

A:  Typically, an individual interested in their general health and diet would contact me for a series of analyses, including bio-impedance analysis, voltage balance testing, stress analysis, emf exposure and various other lifestyle factors that might be deleteriously influencing their energy, weight management, overall vitality and stress.  Typically, it is of interest to assess/rule out the nature of toxic heavy metals in such individuals, since such exposure can lead to seriously compromising health issues which are often mis-diagnosed if not identified.  A routine six-hour toxic metals urine test is performed by the individual, using Doctors Data sample kits and requisition forms.  The provocation agent is typically DMSA given at approximately 50% of the normally-recommended dosage.  Upon receipt of the report, I analyze the results with the individual, and if high levels of one or more toxic metals are found, this leads to a search for the root cause(s) of such exposure, often accompanied by a 90 day chelation program using Orea, a highly-refined and GRAS-approved derivative of zeolite clay.

Q:  Who pays for the test?

A:  Individuals pay me for the test and review options with their healthcare practitioner.

Q:  What are the standards you using to help them know whether or not they have a problem that requires treatment?

A:  The standards used are those ranges indicated on the report itself (e.g., within-, above-, significantly-above the “normative range”).

Q:  Who guides the treatment?

A:  Typically—unless there is a clear need for medical intervention—I work directly with the individuals during the remediation program, performing approximately monthly intake reviews, bio-impedance analysis, and if desired and warranted a 90-day re-test for toxic heavy metals.  Case studies of such programs are presented in the Technical Publication linked below.

Q:  How does Doctors Data work with me/us?

A:  Doctors Data Special Projects Division has been very supportive of this work during the past several years.  When needed, they have been available to answer questions that individuals might have, and to test possible sources of toxic heavy metals (e.g., soil, water, plant matter, etc.)


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