About Ernie

Mill Valley CA (1950)

Born in Marin County in 1949, I spent most of my youth along the banks of the Sacramento River in a small town named Colusa. My father was a country lawyer and most of my friends were involved in agriculture. My grandparents farmed 2,000 acres of rice, wheat and safflower.

Willamette Valley, OR (1972)

After studying humanities, philosophy and art in the 1960s, I moved to Oregon and became a farmer during the 1970s. By my early 20’s I was married and a father.

I fell in love with Biology on that farm–it happened one morning. I decided to become a scientist and I earned my undergraduate degree at Oregon State University where I focused on cellular biology, biochemistry and genetics. I pursued Graduate Studies in Molecular & Cell Biology at the University of Minnesota and spent a number of years starting and managing enterprises in the food and health sectors.

Point Reyes CA, 1994

Today I am back in Marin continuing my work to better understand human vitality and healthy aging. This journey is leading me down many exciting paths of discovery.

Point Lobos CA (2006)
With friend and research colleague, Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, Sonoma County CA, 2015
Conducting field research, Sonoma County CA
With healthcare pioneers, Drs. Elson Haas, Marty Rossman and Michael Rosenbaum.

I am honored to have been husband and father since I was 19 years old.  I still enjoy the company, companionship and support of family and friends.

With daughters Serene and Crystal, wife Barbara and Son-in-law Mike (with sister-in law Crystal), 2014
With my wife, Barbara (1926-2016)
Santorini, Greece, 2017
Archeological dig, Jezreel Valley, Israel, 2017
At work on the north deck of our floating home







Two bits of Trivia about me:
#1: I was probably in the first “hot-tubber” in Marin County (It has to do with a horse trough in Mill Valley circa 1950).

On my father’s shoulders, Mill Valley CA (circa 1950)

#2: Benjamin Franklin was my cousin. Ben’s mother and my great- great- great- Grandmother were sisters, both daughters of Peter Folger whose direct descendant founded Folger’s Coffee.

Yours truly (as cousin Ben) with my grandson Dylan, 2016