I am fortunate to be in a position in my life to be both very reasonable and flexible in the fees I charge for my services.  I do not have to pay for a staff, and I have zero overhead.  I spend virtually nothing on marketing or advertising, and I own all of my own equipment.  This enables to charge far less than equivalent consultants while still delivering quality services and having plenty to show for it in my bank account at the end of the day.

My primary goals are to be recognized fairly for the value I offer, but also to offer great value within my client’s budget.

Over the years, I have been involved in a variety of ways to be compensated as a consultant, including:

Hourly:  We agree to a fair rate per hour, set up an efficient system to track hours.  I usually try to charge a maximum of 50% of whatever the “going market rate” is for the levels of service requested by my clients.

By Project:  We agree that completion of a specific project is worth $X irrespective of the hours spent by me to accomplish it.  This can involve an up-front payment and a final payment upon completion.  I have found that my project fees are often 20%-50% of those charged by other consultants.

Retainer:  Some projects are less well-defined than others, while others may involve ongoing services. In such cases it may make sense to set up a monthly retainer arrangement. In this way my client has fixed costs every month, I have a fixed monthly income, and we can work flexibly on a month-to-month basis.  This is an efficient way to operate since it doesn’t involve any tracking other than a one-time retainer payment at the beginning of each month. I have found retainer relationships very beneficial when there is a lot of trust and collaboration in the working relationship.

Volunteer:  In certain cases of a very meaningful project where the principals are in serious financial need, I will offer my consulting services at no charge.

The Process: In order to “spec out” a consulting assignment I always offer a complimentary consult at the outset so that both my prospective client and I can assess “the fit”.  Once it has been determined that there is such a fit for collaborating, we discuss the various budgetary and fee-models to be sure we have the optimum financial arrangement for both of us.  Based upon these criteria, I will develop a simple proposal and engagement agreement that is eventually executed by both parties.

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