Health & Wellness

For more than 40 years I have studied biological systems in a variety of species and at a variety of levels ranging from organisms and populations to DNA and intracellular biochemistry. In 2006 I focused my studies on human health and wellness, founding my own research program to better understand the process of human aging.

I have written a book >> on wellness and vitality, and I have produced a number of videos on the subjects of healthy aging, energy, weight loss and other aspects of health. This includes a 1 hour TV interview >> of Ernie Hubbard on the subject of optimal aging.

Wellness & Vitality Testing: I offer a range of tests to assess health, wellness and vitality. These include the use of sophisticated equipment to measure the cellular and bio-electronic events occurring within our bodies. One of the tests I offer is bioimpedance analysis, To view two short YouTube videos (one for women and one for men) Click Here >>.

Wellness Coaching:  Since many people need support to improve their health and wellness, I offer a variety of coaching programs with individuals, couples, families and groups.  These range from periodic sessions to measure progress and address issues, to small workshops. A typical coaching program might involve weight loss, enhancing energy, or managing stress.

Seven Circles Wellness Presentation–2018

When I offer wellness coaching to clients, they receive a complimentary copy of my book along with a variety of supporting information.

Background Research: At times, people will have serious scientific or health questions they want answered, perhaps to “get a second opinion” after a diagnosis, or to check out the validity of a new product.  I have extensive experience in this type of reasarch.

Weight Loss:  I offer very well-documented and scientifically-based programs in weight loss, weight management and body composition optimization.

Bone Growth & Bone Density:  I use a combination of trace mineral therapy, “earthing” the body to neutralize and balance the body’s voltages, and subtle electrical currents to facilitate bone growth and increase bone density.

Energy: Loss of energy in various forms is a serious issue in our modern world.  The effects of nutrition, stress, weight, career, relationships and finances can all come into play.  The resulting loss of energy can have profound effects upon our bodies, minds, emotions and sleep, and can be severely debilitating. I have develop an integrated, natural and safe energy optimization program.

Nutrition:  My services in the areas of Nutrition stem from my study of long-lived creatures, and are based upon solid biochemical principles.  My programs in Nutrition are based upon my client’s goals–in some cases it involves weight (fat) loss, while in others it may involve stress or energy management.  Coaching is a very critical aspect of my Nutrition programs, since support and compliance are both required to achieve successful outcomes.

Detoxification:  I do a considerable amount of work in the area of detoxification, specifically heavy metals and pesticides.  I offer specific testing and remediation protocols, all evidence-based using natural approaches.

If you believe you have been exposed to abnormally-high levels of toxic metals–due either to the foods you have eaten or to exposure from air pollution, fires, etc., please visit this page >> for information and resources.

EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies):  I offer services in both evaluating homes and offices for EMFs as well as creating solutions to protect from such EMFs.

Stress Management:  I combine a number of natural and biofeedback approaches to help people reduce and better manage their stress.

If you have an interest in learning more about my testing and coaching programs in any of the above areas of health and wellness, please Contact me >>.