Organization & Maintenance

Having raised four children, started several companies, farmed many acres, and managed homes, I am no stranger to the problems that can arise when disorganization and lack of maintenance set in.

I know many brilliant accomplished people who are “their own worst enemies” when it comes to being disorganized or failing to maintain critical infrastructure.

I have developed a quick “Simplicity Survey” regarding the complexity in our lives.  If you would like to take it, Click Here >>.

Disorganzation and lack of maintenance can come in many forms, but the net result is usually the same:  the amount of time and energy it takes to accomplish even simple tasks becomes overwhelming.

I offer organizational and maintenance services in two general areas, “Digital and Physical”

Digital Organization:  This involves helping my clients better organize and maintain their Electronic Devices & Records, their Financial Records, and their Correspondence.

Physical Organization: This involves helping my clients optimize the organization and maintenance of their offices and/or homes.  Typical areas where I might work with clients in this area include Safety, Repairs, Carpentry, Painting, Woodwork, Yardwork, Transportation, and even Shopping.

If you feel that your life and career might be improved by optimizing your levels of organization and maintenance, please feel free to Contact me >> and we’ll discuss.