Seven Circles ebook

I have written an ebook summarizing my discoveries in the fields of human aging and wellness.   The title is  Seven Circles: An Evidence-Based Program to Optimize Your Wellness.

This 100-page book describes the seven dimensions of human wellness–from our core energy at the level of atoms, protons and electrons–to our highest levels of creativity and beliefs.

Table of Contents


Section One: The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Your Overall Wellness—An Overview

Chapter 1: Your Energy

Chapter 2: Your Cellular Nutrition

Chapter 3: Your Membrane and Organ Nutrition

Chapter 4: Your Physical Wellness

Chapter 5: Your Mind-Heart-Body Wellness

Chapter 6: Your Relationships

Chapter 7: Your Spiritual and Creative Wellness

Section Two: Optimizing Your Wellness

Chapter 8: Putting It All Together

Chapter 9: Specific Tips to Enhance Your Wellness


Case Histories and Testimonials



About Ernie Hubbard

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Seven Circles–2nd Edition–2018