Writing & Editing

I come from a family of writers and editors–newsmen, lawyers, poets…and I have done a fair share of writing on my own over the years.  My experience in writing and editing began in grade school, then high-school then college.  It took off in a “non-fiction” direction as I entered the fields of science, business, legal agreements and the like.  Fortunately it was later balanced out by my wife–an accomplished poet and novelist–with whom I started our publishing company. I have also served as editor for a number of authors.  I have written my own book on Wellness, a collection of poetry, and am presently working on three children’s books.

My writing and editing services are loosely grouped as follows:

Content Editing: This ranges from detailed editing to “big picture” editing.

Websites & Social Media: I have designed and managed a number of websites over the years, including as primary author for web page content or as editor for clients’ websites. I have also helped clients set up their social media platforms and helped maintain them.

Newsletters, Blogs and Surveys:  I have managed a number of monthly or quarterly newsletters and blogs, using Constant Contact and MailChimp.  I have also developed and analyzed a number of surveys using SurveyMonkey.

Video: I have produced and directed a number of videos, and I collaborate with local studios and experts for production of a wide range of videos, from inexpensive to highly-polished (special effects, green screen, etc.)

Publishing:  The world of publishing is changing at a dizzying rate, and many writers and authors have not had the time to keep up with “the latest”.  I began studying the publishing industry in 2006 as my wife was writing her novel.  I have kept abreast of many aspects of this industry, and offer consulting and “navigation” services to my clients who hope to bring their work to the world.

Resumes, Cover Letters & Resume Videos:  I have been assisting people with their career searches for decades, probably beginning with my children.  I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people, and I have searched for employment myself.  I have learned a lot about how to effectively present to a prospective employer.

If you would like to discuss any of the above-mentioned areas of writing and editing consulting, please Contact me >>.